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Summer Camps in England


Summer courses last minimum of a week and as their name indicates, they run in summer. They are for youngsters aged 8-17 and are an ideal way to combine practicing a language with sports and recreational activities aimed at developing and improving communication skills through daily exposure to the language. There is daily practice through lessons both in and out of the classroom and by daily recreational and sports activities that take place on the school and/or campus grounds.

Summer language courses provide a complete package that includes lessons, accommodation, meals, sports, excursions and entertainment.

Beyond education, they offer youngsters a travel and cultural experience. Undoubtedly, the most effective and exciting way to learn the language of their choice is for them to be in the country where it is spoken! These educational trips can play an important part in the life of a young person, as a springboard into the future. What is certain is that they build character and promote independence.



Summer Schools in Europe


Summer English courses in Europe! Continuous contact with language and residents who speak it is the best practice and the most effective way to improve a student's level of foreign language of interest. Summer Courses take place at university, college and boarding school facilities. Each adds a different character to the educational program, which is influenced by the complex's facilities and size.


Summer Camps in UK


Summer Colleges in the United Kingdom. These programs are an important part of a student's progress, a springboard that offers him experiences and skills for his future, self-confidence and independence. Summer Courses, beyond their educational character, offer students an unforgettable cultural and travel experience as our students live and meet with peers from different countries, cultures and religions.


Summer Courses can be divided into the following categories based on their curriculum:

  • The Language Courses include the standard language course, with the rest of the day given to sports and recreational activities.
  • The Language + Sports Courses include the language course combined with extra practice from professional coaches on a specific sport (football, tennis, horse riding, basketball)
  • The Language + Arts & Design Courses which differ as to the educational aspect in that, besides the standard language course, they also offer instruction in Art & Design skills.
  • The Language + Exam Preparation Courses include language tuition and prepare the students for international creditations such as IELTS & FCE, IB (International Baccalaureate).
  • The Language + Performing Arts Courses offer the students language lessons and the chance to practice on performing arts with a selection between: Film Production – Dance – Art – Photography – Drama etc.
  • The Academic Courses offer a range of courses for youngsters wanting to learn more about a particular field such as Debate & Critical Thinking, Oxbridge, Medics, Engineering, Business, Law, Finance, Computer, Science, Drama and Film Academy and Fashion, amongst others. It is aimed at young people whose standard of English is good and its purpose is to stimulate their thought processes and bring lessons outside the confines of the classroom.
  • The Parent & Child Courses are basically a language course for both parents and children. They attend their corresponding language lessons and then spend the rest of their day freely in the town or city they have chosen to be in.
  • The Activity Camps, in contrast to the above, do not offer language lessons but a multitude of sports, arts and recreation activities. Nevertheless, contact with the language of the country is constant and strong, since it is the sole common form of communication.


Summer Camp in England with Study Tours


StudyTours has been actively bringing you educational trips and tours since 1964.

StudyTours staff are located all summer in England in order to provide the best service and maximum safety to our students. Our collaborations are with the best colleges and universities in the UK, but also with many private schools and foreign language schools in Greece.


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