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StudyTours has been actively bringing you educational trips and tours since 1964. Our all-inclusive educational proposals are designed for pupils, prospective students and professional people. Up to 1999 we were headquartered in Syntagma Square, Athens, before moving into our own modern offices in Maroussi.  

We hereby extend to you an open invitation to come meet and chat with us. 

Our experience is measured in years!

Having entered our fifth decade of service and with over 80,000 students from all over Greece having honoured us with their trust and appreciation for our consistency, reliability and overall quality, we have built ourselves a reputable name in Greece and abroad.  

Following what’s new in the travel market with regular participation in the industry’s  trade shows and exhibitions, keeps  us up to date with relevant developments and makes us experts at helping you choose what’s best for your youngster and/or yourself.

We choose solid collaborators in our selection of foreign educational providers abroad. This gives us flexibility as to our programmes, but also confidence that the services we offer our clients are always of the highest quality at the best price.

Our love for foreign languages ​​and travel is the driving force shaping our evolution over the years. We stand by our learners before, during and after the end of their trip to make sure that their experience will remain pleasantly memorable ... the positive experience of a lifetime that will motivate forward to an exciting future!

We are doubtless in our belief  that when one visits new places, meets locals and is able to communicate in their language, the experience is among the most rewarding and the gain among the most beneficial that one can have.

Our expertise and trustworthiness in study tours the world over and our knowhow on education in Great Britain, guarantee our top-notch services. Our sole measure is reliability in the services we provide in respect of our customers' needs.

We have the same future plans and objectives as when we started. Namely, to provide the best possible educational experience to young persons of all ages, in a form that is not pushy or competitive and, within a safe and secure environment, allows them to discover the world around them through enhancement of their knowledge and self-confidence, and thereby boost their prospects for success and a happy future.

Our company invariably puts emphasis on the development of each young learner’s aptitudes. We are firm in our belief that these study tours are of those rare cases where every participant comes out a winner. These trips educate youngsters  to be independent, social and responsible individuals.

STUDYTOURS educational programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual willing to learn and discover. We offer unique and securely organised trips for fun and study in Europe (Great  Britain, France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain), USA and Canada.
We believe that each person is one of a kind, precious and worthy of esteem and a sensitive approach! An individual!