British English Olympics (BEO)

The British English Olympics (BEO) is a highly prestigious competition among the best academic teams, carefully selected from specific schools which themselves have chosen to participate in the programme worldwide.
The teams represent schools, cities and countries in this extremely demanding and at the same time exciting academic contest that allows students and teachers alike to experience the British culture first hand.

Every year, the BEO competition is focused on a topical theme that provides a forum for students to explore and debate important contemporary political and social issues.

Previous years have seen teams present on subjects such as globalisation, sustainable development, the digital revolution and social media.

Groups of 10 students each between the ages of 12 - 16 compete in a series of academic and cultural events (Debate & Performance) in some of the most famous historical British boarding schools, which are unique jewels to the UK and envied by other countries, while allowing children to learn about British culture and history through tours such as by visiting Cambridge and Oxford, as well as through numerous visits to London attractions.

Through six months of intense preparation in English, combined with artistic subjects such as acting and musical composition, a participating team will explore current issues and develop ideas on contemporary issues, a process that is certain to bring new and expanded direction to the thinking of teenagers.

They also develop team spirit and leadership skills while significantly improving their communication skills as well as gain more confidence in themselves.

The British English Olympics helps students to

  • Promote the use of English in real life situations
  • Develop ability to express academic knowledge in an international scenario
  • Build greater knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Head start for future academic opportunities at home and abroad
  • Improve critical thinking, argumentative analyses and problem solving
  • Develop key skills such as leadership, public speaking, team building, negotiation, persuasion, debating
  • Allow students and teachers to share knowledge, ideas and techniques with other schools internationally
  • Form partnerships and exchanges


During their stay in England, students are asked to develop their language and academic skills and to argue on current issues and to compete through the process of Debate & Performance.


The schools and the teachers who decide to attend the British English Olympics event benefit as they

  • develop and enhance the English language programme in their school.
  • raise the profile of their school’s academic achievements nationally and regionally
  • inspire the whole student body in their school to work together as a team towards a shared goal, as they prepare for the competition.
  • are invited to join the new online BEO member platform and network with other schools.
  • are offered opportunities to form international school partnerships and student exchanges together with ample teacher-to-teacher interaction and exchange of ideas.

Students’ accommodation is at traditional British boarding schools

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